Welcome To PervasiveCommodities Limited.

The Company was originally incorporated on 11th March, 1986 linked with Corporate Identification number L51909GJ1986PLC008539 having Registered office under the jurisdiction of the Registrar of Companies, Gujarat. The Company was promoted by the Gujarat based individual promoters

The Main Business of Company are to carry of business of manufacturing, processing, crushing, extracting, refining, blending and importers, exporters, dealers, distributors, traders, agents, representative, collaborators, merchandising of all types of oils including synthetic, edible, non edible hydrogenated, deodorized,
refined oil, castor oil and its derivatives and other cooking and shortening medium by crushing or by chemical process from castor seeds, ground nut, coconut, cotton seeds, muster seeds or any other nut seeds or oil cakes, de-oiled cakes and natural and synthetic oil bearing substances.

To carry on all or any of the business of manufacturing of oil from groundnut, linseed cotton seeds, rape seeds, castor seeds, muster seeds and other oil seeds, rice bran and other oil cakes, oil extraction by crushing by chemical or any other processes cake and oil manufacturers, oil refiners, manufacturers of hydrogenated oil and all allied products